Racks for bakery products

Thanks to the metal frame of the bread rack, it can be completed with elements made of metal and natural wood, as well as elements made of natural wood and chipboard.

Moreover, each of the racks has its own advantages: racks for bakery products with elements of natural wood and chipboard belong to trade equipment, in which aesthetics are combined with their functional convenience. A bakery department equipped with such racks will stand out favorably in any store and will not leave indifferent any customer. 

The advantage of metal bread racks with natural wood elements is their versatility. Such racks can be used to equip not only a separate bakery department of a large store, but also to continue the line of wall-mounted or island-type universal racks in the sales area, which allows achieving compactness and maximum usefulness of using the retail space of even a small store.

The use of shelves and baskets of various sizes and configurations allows you to make an optimal layout of the bakery product group.

Wall-mounted racks with bread shelves, bread baskets and storage units. The back panel , the backlight frieze and the base are made of chipboard.

Island racks with shelves and drives for bakery products. The back panel is mesh.


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