Universal rack systems

ARLEKS offers its customers a variety of colors, accessories for metal shelves and all kinds of combinations of materials from which commercial equipment is made.

We offer  wall-mounted racks, island racks, end racks, end semicircular racks, internal and external corners racks (angle 90 ° and 45 °). Shelves can be equipped with lighting.

A wide assortment of accessories for shelving allows you to complete equipment, taking into account the specifics of the product. Accessories include metal or glass restraints, baskets, hooks, holders, consoles, hangers, glass products, natural wood, etc.

Island racks with end pieces. End rack can be with semicircular and straight shelves. Mesh sidewalls can be installed on an end rack with straight shelves. Various accessories cdn be installed on the racks (hooks in perforated sewing, shelf stops, baskets, rods, holders, etc.)

Island racks with angled inner corner (IC), outer corner (OC) and outer corner 45 (OC-45).


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